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Keeping kids safe online and off.

Our world is full of new threats and new technologies that empower predators, enable children to access (or create) inappropriate content and make them vulnerable in ways that we've never seen before. At the same time, children need a degree of privacy and trust. FamilyDen meets both of those needs by alerting parents to potentially dangerous situations without requring them to continually spy on their children.

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Keeping kids safe online

Social Media

FamilyDen allows you to monitor your child's social media activity without having to read every post, check on every friend, or hover over your child.

Get alerts when:

  • your child or one of their friends posts inappriate content
  • a potential cyber bully interacts with your child

Protect your chid from potential threats:

  • social background checking
  • friend screening


Texting, Sexting and More

Coming soon:

FamilyDen will scan the photos and text messages on your child's phone and alert you to inappropriate content. No need to invade their privacy and go through their entire phone to keep them safe!

Protect your children from sending OR receiving inappropriate texts and images!

Keeping kids safe online

GPS Features

GPS Check In

Create GPS Check Ins for your child, and request that they check in at specific times.


Check for Speeding (Future Release)

FamilyDen will check the speed of your child's driving against posted speed limits and alert you when they exceed the speed limit.



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